• Cataract Surgery Set

Cataract Surgery Set

Cataract Surgery Set Ophthalmic Instrument:

Our  instrument set contains all necessary tools to perform dissection practice. All tools are made from high grade surgical stainless steel used by professionals.

This instrument set include of following instruments

Scalpel Handle #71
Scalpel Hand #3 W/Metric Scale1
Castro Nh W/Lk Str Sm 5 1/2″ TC1
Castro Nh W/Lk Cvd Del 5 1/2″ TC1
Stevens Tenot Del Crv S/S 4 1/2″1
Sklarlite Xd Halst Mosq 5″ St4
Sklarlite Xd Halst Mosq Cvd 5″6
Iris Sciss Str S/S 3 1/2″1
Iris Sciss Cvd S/S 3 1/2″1
Backhaus Towel Clamp 3 1/2″4
Wilmer Sciss 4″ Ang On Flat1
Vannas Sciss Str Del 3″1
Castroviejo Corneal Rght4 1/4″1
Castroviejo Corneal Lft 4 1/4″1
Iris Micr-Min Sciss Str 4″ X-del1
Westcott Tenotomy Sciss 5″ Rt1
Gradle Sciss Sl Cvd Sh 3 3/4″1
Castroviejo Corneal Sciss 4″ Rt1
Castroviejo Corneal Sciss 4″ Lt1
Park-Maumenee Eye Speculum1
Lancaster Eye Speculum 3 1/4″1
Castroviejo Spec 3 1/2″1
Desmarres Lid Retr 14mm1
Troutman Blade Breaker1
Graefe Strabismus Hook Med1
Graefe Strabismus Hook Med1
Castro Cyclodial Spat .5mm1
Castroviejo Caliper 3 1/4″1
Fox Aluminum Eye Shield2
Wilder Lens Scoop Smooth1
Kirby Hook & Expressor De 14.5mm1
Desmarres Chal Fcps 3 1/2″ Med1
Graefe Fix Fcp W/O Cat 4 1/8″1
Obrien Fix Del 4″1
Castro Fix Fcp .3mm 1X2 Teeth 4″1
Eye Dress Fcp Str Serr 4″1
Eye Dress Fcp 1/2 Crv Serr 4″

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Cataract Surgery Set

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