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We offer CE-certified Surgical instruments and Dental Instruments. Our product range contains also Laryngoscopes, a wide range of Gynecology Instruments, Hollower instruments, Beauty instruments, and Veterinary Instruments. All those items you may buy directly and to the most favorable prices online at FIZZA SURGICAL INTERNATIONAL. Our product range contains more than 25,000 different surgical items for General surgery, Self Retracting Instruments, Plastic surgery, ENT, Cardiovascular, Urology, Hand Surgery, Gynecology Instruments, etc. We can be your Manufacturer, Partner, and Supplier of every type of Medical Instruments made of Stainless Steel. Over time we have focused more and more on instruments and accessories for all types of surgical instruments. Please visit our Website and be assured that you will get our best possible support.

Medical Instruments Manufacturer in Sialkot, Pakistan.

We offer CE Certified surgical instruments and dental instruments. Our product range contains also Laryngoscopes, a wide range of Gynecology instruments. Hollower Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, and Veterinary Instruments. All those items you may buy and to most favorable prices online Fizza Surgical International Read More.

Surgical Instruments in Sialkot, Pakistan

General Surgical Instruments in Pakistan is used in most surgeries and forms part of most procedures with additional instruments required for specialties i.e. plastic surgery, orthopedics, eye surgery. you can compare Our manufactured Surgical instruments with any Brand, Companies of Germany, and Japan from whom you buy your Surgical instruments.

You can Buy the Best German Surgical Instruments from us. General Surgical Instruments range consists of dissecting forceps, artery forceps, needle holders, retractors, scissors, and other essential items for general procedures, a selection carefully handpicked by leading surgeons and hard to find on the global market. Also, Surgical Instruments includes the following field of surgeries like; Gynecology Instruments, Urology Instruments, Bone Surgery Instruments, Obstetrics Instruments, Orthopedics Instruments, Cardiovascular Instruments, Neurosurgery Instruments, Ophthalmology Instruments, ENT Instruments, Diagnostics Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Instruments (TC Forceps, Tc Scissors, TC Biopsy Forceps, TC Needle Holders), general surgery Instruments. Each instrument in this section is a result of working knowledge of the surgeon’s skill combined with the precision and skill of our master craftsmen.

Mayo Scissor  Straight 170mm - 17cm

Mayo Scissor Straight 170mm - 17cm - SC 02-65-03 is a Operating Scissors. We Manufactured it from ..

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 DE BAKEY Vascular forcep 250mm - 10

DE BAKEY Vascular forcep 250mm – 10 " - CV 07-260-01 is a Anastomosis Clamps. We Manufactured it fr..

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Standard Dressing 145mm, 14.5cm

Standard Dressing 145mm, 14.5cm - DF 03-10-04 is a General Dressing Forceps. We Manufactured it fro..

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Finochietto - for adults, with 2 pairs of interchangeable blades, stainless steel

Finochietto - for adults, with 2 pairs of interchangeable blades, stainless steel - RS 09-175-01 is ..

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Pederson Speculum

Pederson Vaginal Speculum:A speculum is a medical tool for investigating body orifices, with a form ..

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Bone Chisel 135mm - 5 1/4 - 12mm

Bone Chisel 135mm - 5 1/4 - 12mm - BS 14-205-03 is a Bone Chisels and Gouges. We Manufactured it fr..

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Miller Conventional Laryngoscope Blade #2

our Manufactured Miller Conventional Laryngoscope Blade #2 - DI-230-04 of very High quality. => Al..

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Miller Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Removable light conductor #3

our Manufactured Miller Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Removable light conductor #3 - DI-210-05 of ..

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Macintosh Conventional Laryngoscope Blade #3

our Manufactured Macintosh Conventional Laryngoscope Blade #3 - DI-225-05 of very High quality. =>..

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Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Removable light conductor #4

our Manufactured Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Removable light conductor #4 - DI-205-06 ..

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Dental Instruments in Sialkot, Pakistan

Dental instruments in Pakistan, dentist tools are made for dental surgeries that consistently meet the highest standards of manufacturing excellence through our policy of maintaining and working on ISO standards to managed growth and constant research and development. You can compare Our manufactured dental instruments with any Brand, Companies of Germany from whom you buy your dental instruments. You can Buy the Best German Dental Instruments from us. Dentistry continues to evolve with Fizza Surgical and technical knowledge enabling procedures to be performed using less invasive methods. At Fizza Surgical International we maintain close contact with dental professionals ensuring that we will remain at the forefront of the cutting-edge development of new tools and technologies. We are proud to have developed innovations such as the lightweight stainless steel handle available for curettes and scalers, as well as our cone socket instruments (removable tips) that provide for an extremely cost-effective line of explorers, probes, scalers, periotomes, and curettes, etc. Ergonomics plays a vital role in Fizza Surgical International's design philosophy of developing products that minimize the effect to dental professionals of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The ergonomic design, non-slip grip, long-lasting sharpness, and tactile the sensitivity of Fizza Surgical Dental Instruments have been noticed and found commendable by dental professionals all around the world.

Our Regular demanded Dental instruments include Tooth extracting forceps, set, Root Elevators, Periosteal elevators, Raspatories, Bone Rongeur, Chisels, Gouges, Bone files, Bone curette, Mouth gags, Gum scissors, Probe/Scalars, Excavators, Explorers, Cutting instruments, Impression trays.

Extracting Forceps Fig.22S

Extracting Forceps for Children Kinder lower molars, for children Fig.22S 130mm – 5¼ " - EX 1290-228..

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Extracting Forceps Fig.39R

Extracting Forceps Fig.39R " - EX 1255-39R - English Pattern Dental Extracting Forceps..

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Cement Spatulas 170mm - 61¾

Cement Spatulas 170mm – 61¾" - DA-32-115-00 - Cement Spatulas..

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Mouth Mirrors Cone-socket 22mm

Mouth Mirrors Cone-socket 22mm - MH-105-22 - Mouth Mirrors and Handles..

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Root Elevators 140mm - 5½

Root Elevators 140mm – 5½ " 4mm - RE-30-110-03 - Root Elevators..

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Heidemann Plastic Fillings 170mm-6¾

Heidemann Plastic Fillings 170mm-6¾" Fig.1 1 2/2mm - DA-32-125-01 - Plastic Filling Instruments..

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Ochsenbein Periodontal chisels

Ochsenbein Periodontal chisels - DC-100-02 - Periodontal chiselsOchsenBein Periodontal Chisel is des..

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Veterinary Instruments

Veterinarians are the doctor specializing in the health of animals. They do the necessary surgical operations and care for the well-being of the animal creatures. The very basic thing they need in a certain operation and care is veterinary instruments. This will serve as the main allay of every veterinarian in providing care. Here are the lists of the basic instruments being used by veterinarians.

Our Veterinary Instruments range includes; Veterinary Laryngoscopes, Castrators, Castration forceps, Dehorning instruments, Castrators, Ear instruments, Hoof Knives, Obstetric instruments, Halter, Trocar, Equine instrument, Scissors, and shears, Restraining equipment, General Instruments, Teat Instrument, Self Retaining Restraints, Hoof knives, Trocars, Bull Nose, shears, Balling Gun, Dehorner, Ear Tag Applicator, etc.

Hospital Hollowares

Fizza Surgical International hollowware products are the preferred choice in hospital and clinical environments worldwide. The high-quality materials (we warranty for lifetime NO Rust in our products because of this highest-grade non-magnetic), perfect finish and surface treatment ensure a long-lasting return on investment. Fizza Surgical international Sterile Container Systems and Wire Mesh Trays are made of High standard material to give customer satisfaction about the spending money on our products. Our container can handle the majority of your instrument loads, from minor sets through major cases and the intelligent stackable design ensures convenient storage of your sterile instruments. We offer and provide a fully customizable Sterile container.

Our Hollow ware instruments include Hospital ware Set, Instrument boxes, Sterilizing Drums, Kidney trays, Wire Mesh Trays, Kidney trays Set, Sputum mugs, Measuring mugs, Gallipots, Washbasin, Lotion boxes, Bedpans, Urinals, Jar forceps, Irrigators.

Single-Use Instruments

we manufacture Single-use Instruments are within the best quality and competitive prices. Our manufactured Pakistan Single Use Instruments are well known in the world because of their quality and precision in work. We supplied selective instruments to our customers but in such quality and prices that they like and prefer to use. We follow all the Quality Control steps to provide the best according to our customer need. We use the best standard material ( Pakistan Best Standard Stainless Steel) to produce disposable instruments by following the customer for the material.

We recommend single-use surgical instruments for the following reasons

  • Hygienic
  • Procedurally
  • consistent
  • Economical
  • Quality components

we can manufacture and supply single-use instruments in the following fields of medical instruments.


Launching new adn certified surgical instruments soon.


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