• Leep Coated Graves Speculum

Leep Coated Graves Speculum

Leep Coated Graves Speculum:

Its also known as insulated Graves Vaginal Speculum and ElectroSurgical graves Speculum with a smoke evacuator tube. A speculum is a medical tool for investigating body orifices, with a form dependent on the orifice for which it is designed.

Graves Speculum 75mm x 20mmGY 12-131-01
Graves Speculum 95mm x 35mm
GY 12-131-02
Graves Speculum 95mm x 30mm
GY 12-131-03
Graves Speculum 105mm x 33mm
GY 12-131-04
Graves Speculum 115mm x 35mm
GY 12-131-01

  • Available in all sizes: Small, Medium, Large.
  • Manufactured with High-Quality stainless steel.
  • Also in Coated  Any Color You want.
  • Available in both, Polish(Mirror) & Dull Finishing.
  • Packed in Simple Polly bag Or Plastic Bag. But it can be changed if the customer requires it.
  • ISO & CE Mark Certified.

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Leep Coated Graves Speculum

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