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Shop Medical instruments and Instrument Set from us located in Pakistan, Sialkot.

We offer CE certified Surgical instruments and Dental instruments. Our product range contains also Laryngoscopes, a wide range of Gynecology Instruments, Hollower instruments, Beauty instruments, and Veterinary Instruments. All those items you may buy directly and to the most favorable prices online at FIZZA SURGICAL INTERNATIONAL.

Our product range contains more than 32000 different surgical items and set for General surgery, Self Retracting Instruments, Plastic surgery instruments, ENT instruments, Cardiovascular instruments, Urology instruments, Hand Surgery instruments, Gynecology Instruments etc.

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Surgical instruments:

General Surgical instruments are used in most surgeries and form part of most procedures with additional instruments required for specialties i.e. plastic surgery, orthopedics, eye surgery.

General Surgical instruments range consist of dissecting forceps, artery forceps, needle holders, retractors, scissors and other essential items for general procedures, a selection carefully hand picked by leading surgeons and hard to find on the global market.

Also Surgical Instruments includes follwing feild of surgries like  Gynecology Instruments, Urology Instruments, Bone Surgery Instruments, Obstetrics Instruments, Orthopedics Instruments, Cardiovascular Instruments, Neuro surgery Instruments, Ophthalmology Instruments, ENT Instruments, Diagnostics Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Instruments (TC Forceps, Tc Scissors, TC Biopsy Forceps, TC Needle Holders), general surgery Instruments.

Each instrument in this section is a result of working knowledge of the surgeon’s skill combined with precision and skill of our master craftsmen.

Dental instruments;

Dental instruments, dentist tools are made for dental surgeries that consistently meets the highest standards of manufacturing excellence through our policy of maintaining and working on ISO standards to managed growth and constant research and development.
Dentistry continues to evolve with new medical and technical knowledge enabling procedures to be performed using less invasive methods. At Fizza Surgical International we maintain a close contact with dental professionals ensuring that Denticon Surgical instruments remains at the forefront of cutting edge development of new tools and technologies.
We are proud to have developed innovations such as the lightweight stainless steel handles available for curettes and scalers, as well as our cone socket instruments (removable tips) that provide for an extremely cost effective line of explorers, probes, scalers, periotomes and curettes etc. Ergonomics plays a vital role in Fizza Surgical International design philosophy developing products that minimize the effect to dental professionals of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The ergonomic design, non-slip grip, long-lasting sharpness and the tactile sensitivity of Fizza Surgical Dental Instruments has been noticed and found commendable by dental professionals all around the world.

Our Regular demanded Dental instruments includes Tooth extracting forceps, set, Root Elevators, Periosteal elevators, Raspatories, Bone Rongeur, Chisels, Gouges, Bone files, Bone curette, Mouth gags, Gum scissors, Probe/Scalars, Excavators, Explorers, Cutting instruments, Impression trays.

Hospital Hollow wares:

Fizza Surgical International holloware products are the preferred choice in hospital and clinical environments worldwide. The high quality materials (we warranty for lifetime NO Rust in our products because of this  highest-grade non-magnetic), perfect finish and surface treatment ensure a long lasting return on investment.

Fizza Surgiacl international Sterile Container Systems and Wire Mesh Trays are made of High standard material to give customer aa satisfaction about the spending money on our products. Our container can handle the majority of your instrument loads, from minor sets through major cases and the intelligent stackable design ensures convenient storage of your sterile instruments. We offer and provide fully customizatble Sterile container

Our Hollowwware isntruments includes Hospital ware Set, Instrument boxes, Sterilizing Drums, Kidney trays, Wire Mesh Trays, Kidney trays Set, Sputum mugs, Measuring mugs, Gallipots, Wash basin, Lotion boxes, Bed pans, Urinals, Jar forceps, Irrigators.

Veterinary instruments;

Veterinarians are the doctor specializing in the health of animals. They do the necessary surgical operations and care for the well-being of the animal creatures. The very basic thing they need in a certain operation and care is the veterinary instruments. This will serve as the main allay of every veterinarian in providing care. Here are the lists of the basic instruments being used by veterinarians.

Our Veterinary Instruments range includes Castrators, Castration forceps, Dehorning instruments, Castrators, Ear instrument, Hoof Knives, Obstetric instrument, Halter, Trocar, Equine instrument, Scissors and shears, Restraining equipment, General Instruments, Teat Instrument, Self Retaining Restraints,Hoof knives, Trocars, Bull Nose, shears, Balling Gun,Dehorner, Ear Tag Applicator etc.

Single-Use Instruments:

we manufacture Single-use Instruments within the best quality and competitive prices. Our manufactured Pakistan Single Use Instruments are well known in the world because of their quality and precision in work. We supplied selective instruments to our customers but in such quality and prices that they like and prefer to use. We follow all the Quality Controle steps to provide the best according to our customer need. We use the best standard material (European Standard & Pakistan Best Standard Stainless Steel) to produce disposable instruments by following the customer for the material.

We recommend single-use surgical instruments for the following reasons:

  •  Hygienic
  •  Procedurally consistent
  • Economical
  • Quality components

Type of Single-Use Instruments:

we can manufacture and supply single-use instruments in the following fields of medical instruments.

Beauty care;

include Beauty care Set, Nail / Cuticle nippers / scissors, nail cutters, nail files, hairdressing scissors, pushers, comedones, eyebrow tweezers etc.

Plastic Surgery Instruments;

Awls, chisels, curettes, gouges, and mallets, pliers, osteotomes, rasps, rongeurs, wire and pin instruments, electrosurgical instruments such as bipolar and monopolar forceps, cables, and electrosurgical units, cannulas, calipers, gauges, markers, rulers, clamps, forceps, graspers, elevators, spreaders, dissectors, elevators, hooks and probes, endo brow lift instruments, knives, punches, needle holders and needles, speculums and retractors in styles such as hand-held, self-retaining, and fiberoptic and scissors in traditional and super-cut styles. All these devices are used as plastic surgery equipments to modify and rebuild the parts of human body.

Instrument Set:

We also provide instrument set for different surgeries.  we like to hear from your side about your need of selected instruments then we gather all those instruments for you and provide you in form an instrument set which you prefer for your work. Surgical Instrument Set, Dental Instrument Set, Beauty Instrument Set, Veterinary Instrument Set. These sets are available  in Leather Kits, Stainless Steel Kits ( in which you can sterilize instruments along with Box). Minor Surgery instrument Set, Major Surgery instruments Set, Infant Laparotomy instrument Set, NSV instrument Set, No Scalpel Vasectomy instruments Set, Tubectomy instrument Set, IUD Insertion instrument Set, Appendectomy instrument Set, Incision instrument Set, Episadias Repair Set,Kidney Transplant Set, Anoplasty Set, Basic Orthopedic Set,Hymenectomy Set, Bartholin Cyst Excision Set, Dilatation and Curettage Set, Cervical Biopsy Set, Basic Vaginal Set, Simple Vulvectomy Set, Major Vaginal Repair Set, Vaginal Closure Set, Abdominal Gynecological Set etc.

We are constantly working on our online presentation. Right now you will find about 5000 various items of the most important and common instruments and instrument set online in our web shop.

Over time we have focused more and more on instruments and accessories for all types of surgery instruments. Please visit our Website and be assured that you will get our best possible support.

Your advantages at a glance:

Products with excellent as Tuttlingen quality 14 days right of resuscitation Quality control before shipment most valuable prices order by phone, E-mail Fast and reliable deliveries within 6-15 working days Best service and advice 5 Years warranty OEM- B2B welcome.
Sialkot Surgical instruments and Sialkot Dental Instruments are well known in the whole world due to there quality and very competitive price. Surgical Instruments Sialkot, Pakistan and Dental Instruments Sialkot, Pakistan are made of very high-quality stainless steel. Pakistan medical devices Suppliers/Manufacture is now increasing their export day by day due to their continues improvement of manufacturing the medical equipment.

Surgical Instruments and Set in CE quality

All our Surgical instruments or instrument sets meet the highest standards for operation theaters and are of course produced in accordance with ISO 13485 and are also CE approved. You can purchase selected instruments and as well as the Surgical instruments set too from us. Day by day we are working on the fact to maintain this high level and with your help even improve the same. If you have any questions concerning quality assurance, please feel free to contact us by email: Najam.Ali@fizzasurgical.com at any time.ical specifications (Drawings and master samples).

Dental instruments and Set in CE quality

All our Dental instruments or instruments set meet the highest standards of quality for operation theaters and are of course produced in accordance with ISO 13485 and are also CE approved. You can purchase selected instruments and as well as the Dental Instruments Set too from us.

High-quality Medical instruments and instrument Set for General surgery and Diagnostics:

Our manufacture medical instruments are tested right before shipment on high-level functionality and tightness. This guarantees you a product of excellent quality. Especially our focus lies on workmanship and the highest detail accuracy. Thus we may guarantee the highest quality at a valuable price. One of the biggest reason for our instruments’ high quality that we used 100% imported German Stainless Steel for manufacturing our medical instruments. You know if the raw-material is good and you can manufacture good quality instrument form it. we give a warranty for 3 years for our Medical instruments.
Medical instrument Sets are also available for every type of surgery and inspection/Practice. Medical instruments like Laryngoscopes and high-resolution medical Endoscopes with cold light can be directly ordered from us.

r technical specifications (Drawings and master samples).

CE certificated instruments and Set:

Our manufactured medical instruments and Instrument Sets are CE certified. We can offer you a wide range of surgical instruments, Dental Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, and Beauty care instruments. In cooperation with sub-suppliers, beauty clinics and surgeons we enhance successively our instruments and also try to meet your special requirements. If you have any demand for a special performed item, please get in touch with us under Najam.Ali@fizzasurgical.com.


Distributor, Supplier, and Manufacturer:

We are a member of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Association Of Pakistan. Pakistan Surgical Instruments manufacturing industry is well known in the world because of its quality and competitiveness. We are also part of this competitive Medical instruments manufacturing industry and providing our services to many Hospitals, Individuals Doctors, and to many Worldwide companies ( German, France, Italy, Poland, Peru, Japan, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, UAE, Kuwait, and many other countries.). we are always open for distributorship. if you are interested to want a distributor for your products we are here to offer you our best services. If you are looking for a Supplier of your Medical Instruments then we can supply you any Surgical instruments, Dental instruments, Beauty instruments, and Veterinary Instruments to you. We offer and supply Medical instruments and Instrument Set at very reasonable prices. we can check it by sharing your inquiry with us.  we also manufacture medical instruments on customer technical specifications (Drawings and master samples).

Founding a Medical Practice

You are a Doctor or a Surgeon and you are going to open your own practice? We can be your strong partner for your choice of medical instruments you need related to any surgery or procedure. We can provide you instruments Set for every type of surgery and inspection/Practice. We are always here to help you in any case regarding you need information about any Technical or Non-Technical issues about instruments. Our long term experience will be your benefit in Medical Technology.

Medical Technology for hospitals and Surgeons:

Our satisfied customers include numerous of Companies, Hospitals, Doctors, non-medical practitioners, care facilities and nursing homes as well as private individuals. At FIZZA SURGICAL INTERNATIONAL every Surgeon or nurse will find what they need. We guarantee excellent service and High Quality Medical instruments.


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