Set of Instruments:

If you want to Purchase any instruments set in bulk quantity we will happy to negotiate and provide you.

Our  kit /Set contains all necessary tools to perform your practice. All tools are made from high grade surgical stainless steel used by professionals. or as per you recommendation/need.

These are the following instruments we offer and can provide you.

Set for Practice:

 Student Kit/ set

Set for General Surgery:

Minor Surgery Set

Major Surgery Set

Infant Laparotomy Set

Plastic Repair Instrument Set

Pancreatectomy and Splenectomy

Gastrointestinal Instrument set

Vagotomy Set

Appendectomy Set

Thyroidectomy Set

Incision set

Skin Graft Set

Nasal Cysts Excision Set

Uvulectomy Set

Set for Genito-Urinary Surgery:

Orchiectomy Set

Episadias Set

Nephrectomy Set

Kidney Transplant Set

Cystectomy Set

Ureterotomy Set

Set for Rectal Surgery:

Major Rectal Instrument Set

Hemorrhoidectomy Set

Anoplasty Set

Posterior Proctomy Set

Set for Gynecological Surgery:

Hymenectomy Set

Bartholin Cyst Excision Set

Dilatation and Curettage Set

Cervical Biopsy Set

Basic Vaginal Set

Simple Vulvectomy Set

Major Vaginal Repair Set

Vaginal Closure Set

Abdominal Gynecological Set

Set for Obstetrical Surgery:

Obstetrical Instrument Set

Laceration Repair Set

Cesarean Section Set

Uterine Evacuation Set

Set for Thoracic Surgery:

Thoracotomy Set

Open Thoracotomy Set

Closed Thoracotomy Set

Segment Lung Resection Set

Set for Cardiovascular Surgery:

Endarterectomy Set

Saphenous Vein Ligation Set

Basic Cardiovascular Set

Set for Spinal Surgery:

Basic Orthopedic Set

Laminectomy Set

Sympathectomy Set

Set for Neuro Surgery:

Ventriculography Set

Craniotomy Set

Basic Baby Neurosurgical Set

Plastic Surgery Instrument Set:

Tmj Surgery Set

Skin Graft Set

Rhytidectomy Facelift Set

Plastic Set

Neck  Plastic Surgery Instrument Set

Mammoplasty Set II

Mammoplasty Set

Major Rhinoplasty Set

Gruber Rhinoplasty Set

Dressing Set Small – Plastic Surgery – Instrument Set

Dressing And Suture Removing Set – Plastic Surgery

 Cleft Palate Set

Breast Augmentation Reduction Set

Blepharoplasty Set

Basic Plastic Surgery Set

Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Set

Breast Reduction Set

Breast Augmentation Instrument Set

Set for Common Use:

Basic Orthopedic Set



Stitch Removal

Emergency Set

Pterygium Set