Surgical Scissors

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Surgical Scissors Manufacture by Fizza Surgical international. Surgical scissors are also known as Operating Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Medical Scissors etc. If you need any Scissor Please visit our Website: or just write a little E-mail to us.

Surgical scissors are surgical instruments usually used for cutting. They include

Bandage scissors

Bandage scissors, or bandage forceps, are scissors that often have an angled tip with a blunt tip on the bottom blade. This helps in cutting bandages without gouging the skin. Lister bandage scissors and utility bandage scissors exhibit the well-known angle, while Knowles bandage scissors have blades that are either straight or curved.

Bandage Scissors

Bandage scissors are very popular in any health care facility because they are designed to safely lift bandages away from the skin for easy cutting. The bottom blade of the scissor is longer and goes easily under the bandages. The blunt tip design of the scissor prevents accidental injury while making bandage removal very easy, smooth, and quick.

Iris scissors

Iris scissors are a type of scissors with short blades that was originally developed for ophthalmic surgery. They are alternatively referred to as Iris forceps in the United Kingdom and Asia. Iris scissors are also available in the crafting market and are sometimes used for the production of fabric-related goods. Both closed and open shank versions are available.

Iris scissors are very small, with an extremely sharp and fine tip. Some iris scissors have curved blades for certain types of precision tasks, while others may have straight blades.

Operating scissors

Stitch scissors

Tenotomy scissors

Tenotomy scissors are surgical scissors used to perform delicate surgery. They can be straight or curved, and blunt or sharp, depending upon necessity. Surgical instrument manufacturers like Fizza Surgical international supply tenotomy scissors with Stainless Steel, SuperCut or Tungsten Carbide blades. Super Cut Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors are most commonly used in Plastic Surgery to cut and dissect delicate tissue. These scissors can also be used in many other surgical specialties, in particular delicate operations in ophthalmic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, or in neurosurgery.

Metzenbaum scissors

Metzenbaum scissors are designed for cutting delicate tissue and blunt dissection. The scissors come in variable lengths and have a relatively long shank-to-blade ratio. They are constructed of stainless steel and may have tungsten carbide cutting surface inserts. The blades can be curved or straight, and the tips are usually blunt. This is the most common type of scissors used in organ operations.

Plastic surgery scissors

Mayo scissors

Surgical scissors are usually made of very hard stainless steel for ongoing toughness. Some scissors have tungsten carbide reinforcements along their cutting edges. The hardness of this material allows the manufacturers to create sharper edges, which allows for easier and smoother cuts and keeps the scissors sharp for longer.

Types of Scissors:

There are two types of scissors used in surgeries.

Ring scissors look much like standard utility scissors with two finger loops.

Spring forceps are small scissors used mostly in eye surgery or microsurgery. The handles end in flat springs connected with a pivot joint. The cutting action is achieved by pressing the handles together. As the pressure is released, the spring action opens the jaws.

Scissors are available in various configurations like

Blunt/blunt blades

Blunt/sharp blades

Sharp/sharp blades