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Single Use Wieder Tongue Depressor
Art # Wieder-Tongue-Depressor

Single Use Surgical Wieder Tongue Depressor

This is a very commonly used OPD instrument.

It has two blades at right angles to each other. One of them is slightly wider than the other and is completely flat. This is the part of the tongue depressor that is inserted into the oral cavity. The other blade is narrower and has a slight curve at its free end, like a handle. This is the part of the instrument that is held in your hand.


Uses of the tongue depressor:


Examination of the oral cavity – vestibule, buccal mucosa, gums, floor of the mouth

Examination of the oropharynx and posterior pharyngeal wall

Used in posterior rhinoscopy, along with the postnasal mirror

For the ‘cold spatula test’ –  to assess (approximately) the nasal airway/ patency in the OPD

To perform minor procedures in the oral cavity

To take a throat swab or a swab from the tonsil

Single Use Wieder Tongue Depressor:

Single Use Wieder Tongue Depressor Single Use Surgical Instruments Made of High Quality Stainless Steel( German Stainless steel, Japanese Stainless Steel,French etc.). Single Use Wieder Tongue Depressor Non-Sterile Single Use and Reuseable Instruments Manufacture by Fizza Surgical international.
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