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Fizza Surgical Int supplies and manufacture very thing quality Best Rectal Speculum in Sialkot, Pakistan.  These are also called an anal speculum. We always prefer our customer needs in the production course of our medical equipment, instruments, and supplies to make it as best and perfect as he expects their instruments to be.

Rectal Speculum

An anoscope is a tube-shaped instrument that widens the opening of the anus. Doctors use it to diagnose diseases of the anus and rectum.Medical play is exciting and this device adds a bit of edge to the usual speculum style. Great for those moments when you want them to open wide

We carefully select the design and then produce the Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum by using the finest Best quality raw-material materials to ensure durability, perfection in work so they would possess all the qualities needed for their particular aspected application.  We research and corporate with our customers to design new Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum according to their and their Doctors need and want. we can produce Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum in bulk quantity. Our productivity, efficiency, and respect the deadlines given by our customers. Among our extensive offer of Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum, we offer a variety of high-quality General, Basic, Premium (Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum),.Due to their well-tested quality and reliability, we are very proud of our truly remarkable offer of Rectal, Intestine, Anal Speculum.

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Rectal Speculums with a robust self-retaining screw. Smooth rounded design for improved patient comfort. Sims Rectal Speculum is ideal for investigating the lower rectum and anus. Anal Speculums are used for the exploration of the anus and the rectum during anoscopy, rectal biopsy, hemorrhoidal banding, sclerotherapy, etc.

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