Dental Elevators Sialkot Pakistan

Dental Elevators Manufacturer in Sialkot Pakistan

Dental Elevators:

Fizza Surgical, manufacturer and supplier of Dental Elevators in Sialkot Pakistan.Currently we are managing complete supply chain of some of world renowned brands of Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan , U.K and Europe.

  • Narrow and wide, straight and curved luxators
  • Coupland’s elevators
  • Warwick James elevators
  • Cryer elevators
  • Winter elevators
  • Periosteal elevators
  • Molts elevators
  • Root-tip pick elevator
  • Heidbrink root tip elevators
  • Crane root tip elevators
  • Potts elevators
  • Cogswell-A u0026amp; B elevators
  • Flat elevators
  • Miller’s apex luxators
  • Crossbar apex luxators


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