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Manufacturer and supplier of dental instruments located in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Dental Instruments by Fizza Surgical International. To get quick response for free quote email us.
Currently we are managing complete supply chain of some of world renowned brands of Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan, U.K and Europe.

Dental instruments are made for dentists to perform surgeries that meets the highest standards of quality manufacturing excellence through by struggle of  following the policy for maintaining and working on ISO standards to managed growth and constant research and development.
Millions of surgeons throughout the world use and rely on them: the high-quality instruments by Fizza Surgical International that set standards in  dental surgery. Thousands of Dental instruments are developed and manufactured in compliance with highest quality specifications, from the selection of corrosion-resistant chrome stainless steels through manufacture and heat treatment to finishing and final inspection. Our products meet the claim for user-oriented functionality, Performance and high quality.
Dentistry continues to evolve with Fizza Surgical and technical knowledge enabling procedures to be performed using less invasive methods. At Fizza Surgical International we maintain a close contact with dental professionals ensuring that Fizza Dental instruments remains at the forefront of cutting edge development of new tools and technologies.
We are proud to have developed innovations such as the lightweight stainless steel handles available for curettes and scalers, as well as our cone socket instruments (removable tips) that provide for an extremely cost effective (economic) line of explorers, probes, scalers, periotomes and curettes etc. Ergonomics plays a vital role in Fizza Surgical International design philosophy developing products that minimize the effect to dental professionals of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The ergonomic design, non-slip grip, long-lasting sharpness and the tactile sensitivity of Fizza Surgical Dental Instruments has been noticed and found commendable by dental professionals all around the world.

Our Regular demanded Dental instruments includes

  1. Tooth extracting forceps
  2. Root Elevators
  3. Periosteal elevators
  4. Raspatories
  5. Bone Rongeur
  6. Chisels
  7. Gouges
  8. Bone files
  9. Bone curette
  10. Mouth gags
  11. Gum scissors
  12. Probe/Scalars
  13. Excavators
  14. Explorers
  15. Cutting instruments
  16. Impression traysg
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