Fess Instruments Complete Set of Sinus Surgery Instruments


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Fess Instruments Complete Set of Sinus Surgery Instruments:

If you want to Purchase in bulk quantity we will happy to negotiate and provide you.

Our  kit contains all necessary tools to perform dissection practice. All tools are made from high grade surgical stainless steel used by professionals.

All Instruments in this set are made of Premium Grade Stainless – Reusable and have lifetime warranty on them.
This Set comes packed in a stainless steel sterilizing box with following instruments in it.
Fess Instruments Complete Set.
Fess Instruments Set.
Set of Sinus Surgery Instruments.
Fess Instruments Set of Sinus Surgery Instruments.
This set Contain of Following Instruments:
Vienna nasal speculum (large)1
Scalpel handle #7 11
Sickle knife 11
Antrum ball probe, double-ended (maxillary ostium seeker) 11
Antrum Rotatable Back-biting Nasal Sinus Surgery Forceps 11
Freer elevator double-ended 11
Cottle elevator 11
Antrum curette 11
Hartman forceps short (ear) STORZ 158500 11
Hartmann forceps, standard and light models 2 (1 each)1
Metzenbaum scissors, curved, 15 cm 11
Mayo scissors, curved 11
Weil-Blakesley nasal forceps straight, 4mm Medtronic 3711044 11
Weil-Blakesley nasal forceps, curved upward 45° 1 Medtronic 37110401
Pediatric (delicate) Weil-Blakesley straight 11
Pediatric (delicate) Weil-Blakesley 45°, curved upward 11
Straight cutting forceps (Blakesley or Takahashi) 11
Curved suction tube 3mm 11
Curved suction tube 4mm 11
Frazier suction tubes, medium angle,100 mm length, 3 (1 each) 8, 10 & 12 french3
Crile forceps straight 16 cm 11
Heuwesier antrum grasping forceps, 130 mm, 90° 1 Medtronic1
Nasal concha scissors, straight, 13 cm 11
Kerrison sphenoid punch, up 11
Kerrison sphenoid punch, down 11
Mushroom forceps straight (circular cutting punch) 11
Giraffe forceps upward 70° 11
Giraffe forceps upward 90° 11





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