• Gastrointestinal set

Gastrointestinal set:

It’s also known as GASTRO-INTESTINAL SURGERY SET. This instrument is made of high-grade surgical material.


1Payr Pylorous Clamp, 8″, 6 x 4 mm Tip2
2Payr Pylorous Clamp, 12″,13 x 10 mm Tip2
3DeMartel Closing Forceps, 10.25″1
4DeMartel Clamp Holder, 9″1
5DeMartel Clamp, 2.5″ (Set of 3)1
6DeMartel Clamp, 3.25″ (Set of 3)1
7DeMartel Clamp, 4.25″ (Set of 3)1
8Doyen Forceps Diag Serr., 9.25″, Str.2
9Doyen Forceps Diag Serr., 9.25″, Cvd.2
10Mayo Pean Forceps, 8″, Cvd4
11Ochsner Forceps, 8″, Str4
12Mayo Pean Forceps, 10″, Str.2

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Gastrointestinal set

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