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Grazil Scissors:

Its an Operating Scissor. which is designed for cutting body tissues near the surface of a wound. Our new, innovative manufacturing technology achieves even better quality and longer service life. We are manufacturing Grazil Operating Scissors with Highest Quality Standard Stainless Steel.

  • We Manufactured Grazil Operating Scissors with High-Quality stainless steel.
  • You can also mention in order which material you want to use for manufacturing your Grazil Operating Scissors. we guarantee that we use the same material if not you can take your money back.
  • Grazil Operating Scissors can be Customized in size if the required quantity is greater than 500 Scissors in an order.
  • Available in Polish(Mirror) , Dull Finishing, and Sandblast Finish.
  • Packed in simple Polly bag or Plastic Bag. But it can be changed if the customer requires it.
  • ISO & CE Mark Certified.
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