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Hemostatic Forceps u0026amp; Clamp Forceps

We will be pleased to provide you with the best instruments you need within your requirements and instructions. Please feel free to contact us. we manufacture Hemostatic Forceps u0026amp; Clamps Forceps with German Standard stainless steel material. we give warranty of five years for our   Hemostatic Forceps u0026amp; Clamps Forceps within this period we take the responsibility to give replacement of that instruments.

Shop your Medical instruments and Instrument Set from us located in Pakistan.

We offer CE certified Surgical instruments and Dental instruments. Our product range contains also Laryngoscopes, a wide range Gynecology Instruments, Hollower instruments,Beauty instruments and Veterinary Instruments. All those items you may buy directly and to the most favorable prices online at FIZZA SURGICAL INTERNATIONAL.

Our product range contains more than 32000 different surgical items and set for General surgery, Self Retracting Instruments, Plastic surgery instruments, ENT instruments, Cardiovascular instruments, Urology instruments, Hand Surgery instruments, Gynecology Instruments etc.

Artery forceps (also known as vascular forceps, hemostatic ones, or clamp) is an essential surgical instrument used in the area of medicine. Fizza Surgical offers products of exceptional quality to avoid ruptured blood vessels and field-related problems during a surgical procedure.

Hemostatic Forceps :

Hemostatic forceps (also known as ring forceps) is a hinged type of artery forceps used mainly to control the flow of blood through blood vessels or other body fluids through tubular structures. We offer a myriad of instruments, among which are Crile Artery Forceps that come in various sizes and blade curvature to meet surgeons needs in clinical applications.

DeBakey-Rankin, DeBakey-Pean Atrauma, and DeBakey-Mosquito Forceps Exemplify our product range. The last instrument is designed for clamping small vessels, whereas both DeBakey-Rankin and DeBakey-Pean forceps are expertly crafted to clamp large blood vessels and manipulate large tissues. The differences between Rankin and Pean forceps are slight. Pean blade is more curved, thus reaching deeper vessels, while Rankin forceps have smoother serrations on its inner surface.

Under some circumstances, the leakage may cause severe blood loss which is considered to be very dangerous.This is when surgeons apply artery forceps to prevent it from happening by grasping and clamping bleeding vessels. While following the most rigorous ISO standards, Fizza Surgical Instruments ensures all products are consistent with established norms. Such instruments as Mosquito Forceps manufactured by our company resemble scissors which consist of 2 blades and 2 handles connected by a special box joint or pivot. A blade (orjaw) features transverse serrations and a groove designed to ensure perfect gripping. Also, we enable surgeons to choose from several blade lengths and curvatures. The joint between blades and handles may be either a specially designed pivot one with a screw forming its axis or a box joint with one blade passing into the slot of the other blade.

Handles consist of a shank,finger bow, and catch (or ratchet). Shanks are ergonomic rings between bows and a joint which are designed to hold Crile Artery Forceps or any other instrument type. A ratchet is fixed between a shank and a finger bow. It is a precision engineered instrument that is responsible for locking forceps. It features 3 precisely made catches: for grasping,clamping, and crushing the tissue correspondingly.

Pressing a ratchet results unlocking blades and keeping them closed. This allows surgeons to leave Crile Artery Forceps or other instruments on the bleeding vessels for a long time required for hemostasis. If you need professionally made forceps for clamping and gripping veins, arteries, or capillaries for ligation, we are at your service. Our instruments are engineered at the highest precision level for superior grasping of surgical as well as prosthetic materials, sutures, and other tissues. To handle Backhaus Towel Clamps or other artery forceps properly, you should place a ring finger and thumb at ergonomic rings, while an index finger is used with a middle one along a well-designed shaft to steady an instrument.

For grasping or ligation, Fizza Surgical artery forceps are applied with the most distal part of its blade past a particular vessel or tissue. This distal end features a tie around it that is required to facilitate ligation. When it comes to a grasped vessel, only precise serrations can be applied. The pressure applied when grasping a vessel is another thing that is worth mentioning. Our forceps are tailored to enable surgeons to control the pressure when working with an artery smoothly. Keep in mind that too much force may damage blood vessels while insufficient pressure may be ineffective in stopping the bleeding. With our instruments, surgeons can professionally avoid all these issues.

While following the most exacting standards of precision, reliability, and consistency, Fizza Surgical offers such instruments as Backhaus Towel Clamps to make sure surgeons will not grasp and damage a soft tissue along with the vessel. Thus, they can easily avoid rebleeding and insecure ligation. We come up with a wide range of products, including Mosquito Forceps, clip applying forceps, vessel clips, micro nerve approximators,Atrauma bulldog clamps, hemostatic forceps, organ grasping forceps, dissecting and ligature forceps, bile duct clamps, Kidney pedicle clamps, hysterectomy clamps, angiotribes, peritoneum forceps, towel clamps, tubing clamps, titanium forceps, bulldog clamps, and scores of other instruments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]


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