Standard Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle


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Standard fiber optic laryngoscope handle:

We manufacture standard fiber optic handles with high quality chrome plated brass. All standard fiber optic handles available by us can be used with any fiber optic laryngoscope blade.


  • We manufacture Fiber standard optical handle with high quality chrome-plated brass.
  • Standard LED handles with better and brighter lighting.
  • Design on Handle can be customized.
  • Available in sandblasted finish.
  • Any plastic ring can be placed at the customer’s request, but it is usually green.
  • Packed in simple Polly bag or plastic bag. But it can be changed if the client requires it.
  • ISO and CE certificate.If you think something is missing and you want to add it to your product, do not hesitate to ask us for that good change for your satisfaction.
  • Standard Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle
  • Laryngoscope Handle Standard
  • Standard Laryngoscope Handle
  • Standard Handle Fiber Optic
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