Manufacturer of vaginal Speculums in Sialkot Pakistan

Manufacturer of Vaginal Speculums in Sialkot Pakistan:

                      We offer CE certified vaginal speculums. Our product range contains also a wide range of Speculums. we produces more that 70 types of Speculums. Which are uses in different regions in whole world on the behalf of their design and pattern that what type speculum a Doctor prefer and feel comfort to use for his examination process in there region.

Few are the types given below which we are manufacturing.

  • All type of Japanese vaginal Speculum
  • All type of French Speculum
  • German Pattern Vaginal Speculums
  • Brazil Pattern Vaginal Speculums
  • U.K Pattern Vaginal Speculums

Manufacturer of Vaginal Speculums in Sialkot Pakistan

Availability In Coating Form:

     we can offer all these above mention Pattern of vaginal Speculums in below Coatings

  • Titanium Multi coated
  • Nylon Coating of any Color you want,
  • Ceramic Coated

We can provide all these above mention forms of coating with an grantee of no damage and durability.

Coated Vaginal Speculums

Stainless Steel Used of Manufacturing Vaginal Speculum:

we used follow types of Stainless Steel for manufacturing Vaginal Speculms.

  • Japanese imported Stainless Steel ( Magnetic as well as Non-Magnetic)
  • European Standard ( France, Italy, German) imported Stainless Steel ( Magnetic as well as Non-Magnetic)

we grunted for our stainless steel we used for manufacturing the instruments. we always ready to accept any challenge or claim about our stainless steel we used for manufacturing vaginal Speculums.

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Our Service as Your Manufacturing Distributor:

We are always ready to become your manufacturing distributor under your contract with your Terms and Conditions.
we can provide you maximum flexibility of changing your Terms & Conditions over the time So, you can easily lead  in your market.
we prefer Business but with mutual understanding not for just profit seeking.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Products with excellent as Europe Quality
  • Quality control before shipment
  • Most valuable prices
  • Order by phone, E-mail
  • Fast and reliable deliveries within 6-15 working days
  • Best service and advice
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