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Sterilization Trays

Sterilization Trays:

Designed to protect various instruments during sterilization and storage. We manufacture sterilization trays in high quality  stainless steel. We can customized sterilization trays according to your need.

  • We manufactured sterilization trays with high quality stainless steel.
  • You can also mention in order which material you want to use for manufacturing your sterilization trays . we guarantee that we use same material if not you can take you money back.
  • Sterilization trays can be customized in size if the required quantity is greater than 1000 pcs in an order.
  • Available in Polish(Mirror) and Sandblast Finish.
  • Packed in simple Polly bag or Plastic Bag. But it can be change if customer requires.
  • ISO & CE Mark Certified.
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