• Rhinoplasty Instruments Set

Rhinoplasty Instruments Set

Rhinoplasty Instruments Set:

Our Rhinoplasty kit contains all the necessary tools to perform this practice. All tools are made from high
grade surgical stainless steel used by professionals.

This Rhinoplasty Kit Contain of Following Instruments

Adson T.C. Tissue Forceps, 12cm

Aufricht Nasal Retractor, 17cm, 50x6mm-12mm

Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 7×7 Teeth, Straight – Atraumatic

Buchwald Tongue Spatula, 18cm, 18x23mm

Barsky Skin Hook, 15cm, Single Prong, Sharp

Backhaus Towel Clamp, 13cm

Cartilage Crusher, 65x30mm

Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder, 15cm

Cottle Nasal Speculum, Delicate, 15cm, 55mm

Cartilage Cutting Block, Teflon, 85x55x10mm

Caplan Nasal Septum Scissors, 20cm, Serrated

Cottle Chisel, 18cm, 12mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut

Cottle  Chisel, 18cm, 5mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut

Castroviejo Caliper, 7cm, 20mm Measuring Range

Derf T.C. Needle Holder, 12.5cm

Dressing Forceps, 20cm –  Swedish Pattern

Dressing Forceps, 17.5cm, Curved, Delicate

Desmarres Lid Retractor #2, 14cm, Medium, 10x14mm

Freer Raspatory, 19cm, 5/5mm, Double Ended, Sharp

Freer Septum Knife (Mucosa Scalpel), 16cm

Fanous Osteotome, 19.5cm, 4mm, Straight, With Guide Thorn – 1

Fomon T.C. Nasal Rasp, 20cm

Guthrie Double Retractor Hook, 13cm, Sharp

Gruenwald Jansen Nasal Dressing Bayonet Forceps, 16cm, Serrated

Gross Dressing Forceps, 20cm, Curved – With Catch, Box Lock

Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved

Joseph Delicate Retractor, 17cm, 2 Prong, 5mm, Sharp

Killian Asept Nasal Speculum, #4, 90mm

Kilner Double Nasal Hook (Alar Retractor), 8cm, Sharp, 5x10mm

Leriche Artery Forceps, 15cm, 1×2 Teeth, Straight

Langenbeck Bone Elevator, 20 cm, 7mm, Blunt

Micro Adson Forceps, 12cm, 1×2 Teeth, 0.9mm Tips

Mayo Stille Tungsten Carbide Operating Scissors, 17cm, Curved

Mckenty Raspatory, 15cm, 4mm, Sharp, Light Curve

Mallet, 26cm, Novotex Plastic, 240 Grams, 45mm Diameter

Nelson Tissue Forceps, 15cm

Osteotome, 18.5cm, 3mm, Aluminium Handle

Operating Scissors, 13cm, Straight, Sharp/Blunt

Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm, Straight

Reynolds Jameson Scissors, 14cm, Curved – With Fine, T.C, Rounded Points

Round Bowl For Solutions, 40x20mm, 20cc

Round Bowl For Solutions/Marking Color, 60x30mm, 60cc

Round Bowl For Solutions, 80x40mm, 160cc

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Rhinoplasty Instruments Set

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