Surgical Equipment Suppliers

we are a Surgical Equipment Suppliers in Sialkot Pakistan.
Currently we are managing complete supply chain of some of world renowned brands of Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan , U.K and Europe.


Surgical instruments

Gynecology, Urology, Bone Surgery, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Cardiovascular, Neuro surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Diagnostics, general surgery.

Dental instruments :

Tooth extracting forceps, Root Elevators, Periosteal elevators, Raspatories, Bone Rongeur, Chisels, Gouges, Bone files, Bone curette, Mouth gags, Gum scissors, Probe/Scalars, Excavators, Explorers, Cutting instruments, Impression trays.

Hospital Hollow wares :

Instrument boxes, Sterilizing Drums, Kidney trays, Sputum mugs, Measuring mugs, Gallipots, Wash basin, Lotion boxes, Bed pans, Urinals, Jar forceps, Irrigators.

Orthopedic Implants include Screws:

Cortical, Malleolar, Cancellous, Cannulated, Cortex, Schanz, Leg, Compression, Cancellous washers, Plates; DCP Broad, DCP Narrow, LC-DCP Narrow, DCP Mini, 1/3 Tubular, Semi Tubular, Micro, DHS, Condylar, Condylar Buttress, Casper, T Butteress, T Standard, L Butteress, Spoon, Y, Cloverleap, Small L Butteress, Small T, Tibial, Lateral Tibial Head Butteress, Mini T, Mini L-R, Cobra Head, Jewett Nail, Harrington Rod, Harrington hook, C. Washer, Stemien pins, Rush nails, Enter Locking nails, Kirschner wires, Auston Moor Hip Prosthesis Narrow Stem, Kirschner nails, RING FIXATORS.


Beauty care :

Nail / Cuticle nippers / scissors, nail cutters, nail files, hairdressing scissors, pushers, comedones, eyebrow tweezers etc.

Veterinary instruments:

Castrators, Hoof knives, Trocars, Bull Nose, Teat instruments, Halters, shears etc


We manufacture instruments in a highly Quality Control Environment and use most modern machines under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. We also have a fully equipped Quality Research Lab. to control the quality of instruments at each and every step.



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