Supplies of Sterilization Wire Mesh Trays

Supplies of Sterilization Wire Mesh Trays:

Fizza Surgical, manufacturer and supplier of Wire Mesh Trays in Sialkot Pakistan. Commonly know as Sterilization trays. Currently, we are managing the complete supply chain of some of the world-renowned brands of Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan, the U.K, and Europe.

304 polished stainless steel wire mesh cable tray/basket cable tray. Striving for a viable industrial solution is a norm at Fizza Surgical. Cable management is a hygienic environment of food-related projects, surgical theaters and pharmaceutical plants require special attention due to the sensitivity of health care.

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Used of Wire Mesh Trays:

Designed to protect various instruments during sterilization and storage. We manufacture Wire Mesh Trays in high-quality stainless steel. We can customized Wire Mesh Trays according to your need.

We manufactured Wire Mesh Trays with high-quality stainless steel.
You can also mention in order which material you want to use for manufacturing your Wire Mesh Trays. we guarantee that we use the same material if not you can take your money back.
Wire Mesh Trays can be customized in size if the required quantity is greater than 1000 pcs in an order.
Available in Polish(Mirror) and Sandblast Finish.
Packed in a simple Polly bag or Plastic Bag. But it can be changed if the customer requires it.
ISO; CE Mark Certified.

If you need your own customized Sterilisation tray please let us know we will provide the best one according to your need