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Appendectomy Surgery Set

$ 310

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Appendectomy Surgery Set:

This set consists of all the necessary instruments required for the surgery of the Appendix. The surgery of the Appendix is commonly known as appendectomy in which it’s removed from the body. If you want to purchase in bulk quantity we will happy to negotiate and provide you.

Our kit contains all the necessary tools to perform dissection practice. All tools are made from high grade surgical stainless steel used by professionals.

This Kit Contain of Following Instruments:

Metzenbaum Scissors 20cm TC Curved 1
Metsenbaum Scissors 20cm TC Straight 1
Mayo Scissors 14cm Curved TC 1
Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight TC 1
Scalpel Handle # 4 2
Allis Tissue Forceps 15cm 2
Kochers Tissue Forceps 1:2 4
Mcindoe Forceps 15cm 1
Babcocks Tissue Forceps 16cm 2
Mayo Hagar Needle Holder 16cm 2
Sponge Holding Forceps 2
Backhaus Towel Clamps 11cm 4
Criles Forceps 14cm curved 8
Criles Forceps 14cm Straight 6
Spencer Wells  Straight 18cm 6
Spencer Wells Curved 18cm 8
U S Army Retractor 21cm 2
Adson Forceps 12cm 2
Adson Forceps 1:2 12cm 2
Lane Forceps 1:2 18cm 2
Forceps 16cm 2
Gallipots 4
Kidney Dish 8″ 2



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