Laryngoscopes Manufacturer In Sialkot Pakistan


Fizza Surgical manufacture and supplier of Laryngoscope in Sialkot Pakistan. It is a tool which is use in examination of larynx.The Macintosh blade is the most widely used of the curved Laryngoscope blades, while the Miller blade is the most popular style of straight blade. Both Miller and Macintosh Laryngoscope blades are available in sizes 0 (neonatal) through 5 (Extra-large adult).

We offer CE certificated instruments for Surgical  and Dental procedures. Our product range contains also wide range of Laryngoscope blades and handles. we produces more that 15 types of Laryngoscope blades. Which are being used in different regions in whole world on the behalf of their design and pattern that what type a Doctor prefer and feel comfort to use for his examination process in there region.

Few are the types of Macintosh given below which we are manufacturing.


  • Premature                       00                                    68mm
  • Neonate                           0                                      78mm
  • Infant                               1                                       92mm
  • Child                                2                                       105mm
  • Medium Adult               3                                       130mm
  • Large Adult                    4                                       155mm
  • X-Large                          5                                        170mm

Laryngoscopes Blades:

Laryngoscope blades are the instruments used to examine the larynx. The laryngoscope blades are available in variety like with/without a Fiber Optic light source. The trend regarding blades has/is moving toward the disposable version.

Types of Laryngoscope Blades:

  1. Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades
  2. Conventional Laryngoscope Blades


Quality Maintenance and Manufacturing Standard:

  • we use non-magnet stainless steel for manufacturing the blades to eliminate the risk of contamination.
  •  Cool and brighter light with no chance of tissue burning during long procedures.
  •  Superior quality of glass fiber optic gives maximum bright illumination to view the larynx of human body.
  • we provide detachable light which can be autoclave separately, which makes life long of blades.
  •  Autoclave-able at 134c° 5 min, for 2000-3000 cycles at maximum light output.
  •  All blades are made to comply with ISO 7376, allow compatibility with existing blades and handles.
  •  Complete range of handles also equipped with LED lamps.
  •  LED technology has longer additional life time with 50,000hrs and continuous 2hrs operating time.

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