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Where to Buy a Vaginal Speculum:

You want to buy a Speculum Just contact us.We manufacture all type of Speculums however its belong to Human or Animal. you can purchase any type of Speculum. if you want to see any Speculum Video please write the came in comment we will post it for you. So you can see our capability and quality of work.


Quality of Vaginal Speculums:

You can determine our manufactured Vaginal Speculums quality on Following check Point

  • Smoothness of Edges
  • No Scratch on Any side
  • Well Balance
  • Well Designed
  • High Standard Stainless Steel
  • Perfect in Working

You can Buy Speculums in followings ways from us.

  • If You a Company/Hospital
    ( We will provide you on contractual basis or as you regular Supplier within very Suitable Price)
  • If you Are Individual/Doctor
    You can also Buy from us even i you need a single Piece of any Vaginal Speculum.( we will guide you how you can get in best price and in minimum delivery time than other online stores salers.

Speculums Made Of:

Specula/Speculums were formerly made of High Quality stainless steel, and sterilized after use. However, many, especially those used in emergency departments and doctor’s offices, are now made of plastic, and are disposable, single-use items. Those used in surgical suites are still commonly made of metal.Fizza Surgical International manufacture vaginal Speculums in both form and for bothe type of use Single Use and Reusable Vaginal Speculums.

Types of Vaginal Speculums:

Specula come in a variety of shapes based on their purpose, and a variety of sizes; in any case the cylinder or blade(s) of the instrument allow the operator a direct vision of the area of interest and the possibility to introduce instruments for further interventions such as a biopsy.

Vaginal Speculum comes in many different shapes. Below are the following vaginal Speculums Shapes

Cylindrical shape:

  • Ferguson
  • Glass speculum
  • Veda-scope (dilating vaginal speculum)

One blade:

The single-bladed Sims speculum is still in use today.
  • Auvard
  • Breisky
  • Doyen
  • Eastman
  • Jackson
  • Kallmorgen
  • Kristeller
  • Landau
  • Martin
  • Mathieu
  • Polansky
  • Samuel
  • Scherbak
  • Sims
  • Weissbarth

Two blades (bivalved):

Duckbill shape of a two-bladed speculum

  • Collin
  • Cusco
  • DeVilbiss
  • Grave
  • Pederson
  • Semm
  • Seyffert
  • Trelat
  • Winterton

Three blades:

  • Guttmann
  • Nott
  • O´Sullivan-O´Connor
  • Polansky (veterinary use)


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